Ladies Semi Casual

Ladies Semi Casual

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Ladies Semi Casual
Ladies Semi Casual
Ladies Semi Casual is the best place for women who need a casual environment. It is a friendly, relaxed environment that is designed to accommodate women’s needs. Since the opening day of September the Semi Casual service will be expanded further and our guests will be able to choose a group size or have additional sessions. This service is to be reserved for the first two days of September, but once at a hostel we guarantee a free two day stay based on attendance.

There will be ample room available for both men and women to go swimming (though this is not guaranteed), as well as a comfortable accommodation for the event. We have a general policy which we feel will make a difference for you and for your family. If we miss any special requests please be sure to email us as soon as possible.
A free one day stay is guaranteed.

The Semi Casual service is to take place on Sunday 10th September the evening of the first day of the month and on Sunday 21st September the evening of the second day of the month.

On the last day of the month (9 weeks) the service will be extended, until 21st September.

We will be closing Friday and Saturday and Tuesday after 5pm

Tucked away at the back of our hotel on King Street and South Kensington, the Semi Casual services will be limited to two rooms per night. This is to cater to regular clients who might be not having the experience of staying on a


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